фанмикс в 2 частях

Little RocknRolla [DELETED user]
название: Sex Like War
автор: Little RocknRolla
пейринг: Малдер/Крайчек
жанр: black [ангст/экшн] white [AU/romance]
комментарий: Фанмикс в двух частях, каждая соответствует определенному жанру. Мне определенно по душе больше black side, но и другие треки не могла оставить без внимания, так что некоторые песни имеют косвенное отношение к пейрингу.
И да, я не могла не впихнуть бонус-трек хотя песня уже заюзана, уж больно подходит она им. К определяющей песне "sex like war" слов не нашлось, так что записывала на слух.

black side

Now it seems you're leaving
But we've only just begun
And you've still got nowhere else to go,
So I wait for you to
Take me all the way,
Take me all the way.

Push me under
Pull me further
Take me all the way
Take me all the way

We can't control ourselves

Sex like war
It's a miracle we ever survive
Sex like war
Create a care as a bodies could lie
Sex like war
Don't try to fight it let the rythm decide
Sex like war
Just close your eyes, hold on and join the ride

Pleasure or pain
It's all the same

And it's happening
Never planned on this
You've got something I need
Kind of dangerous.
And I'm losing control
I'm not used to this
What you want from me?
I'm not used to this

Hey, can we stop?
Me, I'm not

So close your eyes and let it hurt
The voice inside begins to stir
You're reminded of all you used to be
Can you just turn away and let me go?

Lie to me
You can feel
That this love was never real
Walk away
You can learn to love again
Lie to me
You can leave
I'll still be here when you see
You're not alone
You don't have to run again
And leave me in denial

Vanquish the pain don't want to see it fail
Faith divides us death unites us
Vanquish the pain don't want to seek despair
Faith divides us death unites us

You say you wanted more
What are you waiting for?
I'm not running from you

Come break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you
Look in my eyes
You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you

For you, just you
Time will always wait,
While I throw away what I can't replace.

I will run and hide till memories fade away
And I will leave behind a love so strong.

I hide my thoughts
Behind these truthful lies
It's my spell
With you my life's
So sacred and secure
I long to live for you

I'm lost inside
Without you I'm not free
And for your love
I'm struggling in between

Every time we lie awake
After every hit we take,
Every feeling that I get
But I haven't missed you yet

Only when I stop to think about it

I hate everything about you
Why do I love you?
I hate everything about you
Why do I love you?

white side

Let's go home and get stoned
We could end up making love instead of misery
Go home and get stoned
Cause the sex is so much better when you're mad at me
You wear me out
(We could end up making love instead of misery)
But it's all right now

Don't feel so bad, cause I'm going to make it alright.
It's really sad that we've got to turn out the lights.
And if you sign your name on the dotted line,
I'm gonna to take you back home.

The loveless nights, they seem so long
I know that I'll hold you someday,
But till you come back where you belong
It's just another lonely Sunday.

I thought it wasn't wrong
To hide from you the simple truth.
I was scared
I felt it all along,
But it hurt too much for me to share.

If only I had been less blind
I'd have someone to hold on to.
If only I could change your mind
If only I had known
If only I had you…

When anybody says your name
I wanna run away,
I keep remembering
I can't forget you.
It doesn't matter when I try
It happens anyway,
It's been forever
And I can't forget you.
With every single day,
It won't go away
The way I feel about you.
And when it's said and done,
You're the only one
And I can't regret you,
So I can't forget you.

Can't quite believe
All of this and what it means
You've become so bitter

You think you're better alone
For the sake of your sanity
It won't resolve
If you just learn to breathe, again
You never had the nerve to begin with
You think you're better alone

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear

Louder, louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say

Lost in all the wars we fought
Never saw a road
Now that I think about you in the skies
I'd turn my row
And I wonder where you are
Now I wonder where you... are

Don't let go
I’ve wanted this far too long
Mistakes become regrets
I’ve learned to love abuse
Please show me what I’m looking for

Save me, I’m lost
Oh Lord, I’ve been waiting for you
I’ll pay any cost
Save me from being confused
Show me what I’m looking for
Show me what I’m looking for


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Лана Винтерс
И надо же: эта нордическая суровость вдруг начинает меня целовать. (с) Thomas Weiss  
Обложка:crazylove: Подборка:heart: Спасибо!:hlop::crzfl::hlop:

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Little RocknRolla [DELETED user]
Амели_с_Монмартра, спасибо. :shuffle2: Рада, что понравилось)